Driffield School Uniform

The high standard of uniform reflects a pride and sense of belonging in the school and presents our students in the best possible light to visitors and the wider community. Following extensive consultation new uniform requirements will be in place from September 2018.

Please see the new school dress code below.

Please refer to the dress code when purchasing any new items of uniform.


*Black jumpers replace blue jumpers in September 2018 for KS 3.  However, KS 3 students can still wear the blue jumper until the year they would move into KS4 when these will be completely phased out but they must still wear the house tie.


PE Dress Code

PE Dress Code


*Shin pads and mouth guards are highly recommended for invasion games, such as hockey, football and rugby. If a student becomes involved in a competition regulated by a National Governing Body of Sport, then the wearing of shin pads and mouth guards will become mandatory.

**In winter students are permitted to bring an outdoor coat that will keep them suitably warm and dry, tracksuit bottoms for outdoor lessons (polyester) in navy blue or black but must also bring shorts. It is at the discretion of the PE/Games Teacher as to whether tracksuit bottoms can be worn. Jogging bottoms and hoodies are not permitted in any form.

Appropriate uniform or school badges can be purchased from Drury Sports.

If you have queries regarding the school uniform, please contact your child’s Head of House in the first instance.