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Exams Information

Exams 2023/24 Information

JCQ – Information for Candidates

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Summer 2024 Exam Dates

09 May 2024 – date of first GCSE exams
13 May 2024 – date of first A-level exams

19 Jun 2024 – date of last GCSE exam
25 Jun 2024 – date of last A-level exam

26 Jun 2024contingency date – in the event of national or significant local disruption to exams in the UK exams may be re-arranged for this date. All student must be available on this date.

GCSE Exams Timetable 2024

A-Level Exams Timetable 2024

Further information about exam dates can be found here.


A full list of the school and trust policies can be viewed on our Policies Page.

Awarding Bodies

Pearson / Edexcel
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For information about which awarding bodies are used by each subject, please see our curriculum guides or contact the school:


Regulatory Bodies

Results & Certificates

Driffield School & Sixth Form only holds individual candidate’s exams certificates for one year after results are released.

For queries regarding previous results & certificates no longer held by the school, please contact the relevant awarding body. If you are unsure which awarding body to contact please contact the school’s exams office.

Results Days 2024

January 2024 Cambridge Technical exam results released to candidates on 14 March 2023

Summer 2024 A-level exam results – 15 August 2024

Summer 2024 GCSE exam results – 22 August 2024


For all enquires about exams please contact: