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The House System

High quality pastoral care and support for all students is our priority. Our house system ensures students feel part of a small and distinct group in a wider school community. The house system is designed to encourage students to achieve their best at all times and provides key opportunities to celebrate student success, encouraging a sense of ownership for students.

Four strong house communities

As the school grows in size, our priority is for all students to access the same high quality pastoral care and support that is available to them now. The four houses ensure students feel part of a small but strong group in a growing school community.

Each house has its own distinctive character, which captures what it means to be a member of the Driffield School community. We hope all students feel proud to belong to their house and strive to be the best, not only for themselves but also for their fellow House members. Our 4 houses are Bronte, Mortimer, Johnson and Holtby; each house has its own distinctive character. Each house comprises of a Head of House and a team of tutors who will deliver aspects of our Personal Development and well-being programme during a daily tutor time period. Students are allocated to a tutor group with students of their own year group, enabling the effective delivery of age appropriate materials. To complement this, each year group is overseen by a Head of Year to ensure swift and efficient support and communication for students within a specific year group.

Team motivation and rewards

The house teams organise a wide range of events to promote community spirit and healthy competition between the houses. This might include sport activities, fundraising events and departmental competitions.

The rewards system encourages students to work as a team and to support every member of their house. A wide range of events will take place throughout the school year to promote community spirit and healthy competition between the houses.

Strong and positive relationship between tutors, students and parents

Each house has a Head of House and each year group has a Head of Year. The two roles have distinct areas of responsibility; the Head of Year is available throughout the day as the first point of call for parents, and the Head of House deals with the managing and monitoring of students’ academic progress. Similarly, any students who have problems or issues are able to access the help and support they need and build a relationship with the pastoral team.

A sense of responsibility

Belonging to a House will create a strong sense of community and encourage students to look out for one and other and achieve highly for each other. Each House has its own individual identity and a set of core values which will be reflected in the behaviour, manner and work of all its students and staff.