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Home-School Agreement

Home-School Agreement

We believe that children learn most effectively in a secure, happy environment, where both home and school work together during their education from 11 to 18 years. To strengthen the sense of partnership which already exists, we offer a partnership agreement to parents of our new students.

We will provide:

  • An ordered, safe, caring and supportive learning environment (which celebrates diversity and equality)
  • A full, balanced curriculum (which encourages each student to excel and develop their interests further)
  • Opportunities for the academic, social, physical and personal development of each individual student
  • Records and information for parents and carers about their child’s educational progress and general development
  • Prompt responses to parents’ and carers’ queries
  • Information about important school matters through letters home, the school’s website, newsletters and the Student Planner
  • Regular, formal meetings with teachers (as well as staff availability at other times if concerns or questions arise)

We ask you to:

  • Support all school policies and strategies (which are designed to support a positive working atmosphere)
  • Inform the school about any known concerns relevant to your child’s education
  • Respond quickly to school requests for signatures in the Student Planner or on permission slips
  • Make every effort to avoid taking family holidays during your term time
  • Ensure that your child attends school consistently and punctually
  • Contact the school promptly to explain any absence
  • Ensure your child is dressed in accordance with school policy and is equipped with necessary items (such as pens, books and PE kit)
  • Attend meetings at school to discuss progress
  • Update school with any factors which may affect your child’s performance or participation

Students will:

  • Respect the school rules, the property of others and the school buildings, furniture and equipment
  • Wear full school uniform and take pride in their appearance
  • Behave in an orderly and sensible manner that shows respect for other students, teachers, staff and visitors to the school
  • Attend regularly and arrive at registration/lessons punctually
  • Complete all tasks set and hand them in at the appropriate time
  • Ensure they bring with them the appropriate items for each day for effective learning (such as pens, books and PE kit)
  • Keep personal computer passwords confidential
  • Use the school’s computer systems and the internet according to the school’s rules

It is important in a rapidly-changing world that children have a sense of security; this is an attempt to add to that sense of security. For your child to succeed, we need your support and agreement.