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Knife Crime

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Knife crime

Knife crime is where a person assaults another with a sharp object or a knife. Many people are affected by knife crimes .Knife crime statistics are rising .Impacting mostly young people knife crimes have increased drastically. Last year was the highest knife crime statistics since the records begun (which was in 1946).


In two out of five killings the victim was struck with a sharp object or stabbed to death. Knife crime appears globally. Although, London has a very high knife crime rate (police have recorded 168 knife crimes per 100,000 people in the latest year).In Manchester, Slough, Liverpool and Blackpool knife crime is also a common offence.

Mental impact

If a person is a victim of knife crime it can severely affect them physically and mentally. It can result in many medical issues either it be physical or mental (for example PTSD).Also, it impacts their families a lot as they might not survive the attack and can leave their family in pieces due to their loved ones being murdered .As a result of knife crimes people become cautious and decide to carry a knife. However, that is a very fatal decision as it can put the person in more danger as people feel extremely threatened that they possess a knife. Because of this, they then try to eliminate the threat which then puts you in extreme danger.

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