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Coronavirus and Theories

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Coronavirus and Theories

BBC Young Reporter

Coronavirus and Theories

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly and the demand on certain products is increasing. More and more people are panicking about this pandemic. However, they fail to understand how it happened, the death rate and most of the important aspects.

Are you scared of getting Coronavirus? Well you shouldn’t be! If you are under 40 you have such a low chance of dying from the novel Coronavirus.

So, is this really a pandemic or just panic? To be precise, this is not something to be afraid of! Yet, we must remain alert. In my theory, these viruses do not happen naturally; they are most likely manmade and evidence to support this comes from statistics. Along with the seasonal flu, SARS, MERS, and COVID-19 all share the same story. These viruses originate from highly populated areas where animals are often in confined spaces. This allows the virus to mutate and spread quickly, bring harm to citizens. MERS has the highest death rate them all; a staggering 37% of those infected died.

Next comes SARS, with an 11% death rate. Arguably, this is a mild variant of MERS, with similar symptoms just toned down. The spread of infection rate was reduced, however those who became contaminated were more likely to die. Citizens were therefore more scared of this strain of the virus because of its deathly reputation and this resulted in scientists developing a cure. Finally, the big one, the scary one: COVID-19! I feel this virus was created by scientists for population control and for financial gain. The virus has been so carefully constructed that the death rate is low, yet the infection rate skyrockets! This means that people panic buy products, like tissues and sales and demand for production increases greatly. It’s almost comical how perfect this disease is. This novel Coronavirus is on the urge to mutate; there are two types. Most people are becoming infected with the mild strain, but soon, the mild strain will mutate into a SARS type condition, most likely. This is worrying because people are obsessed with the rate in which the virus is spreading, rather than the likelihood of death that could come from a second strain.

Now to actual talk about the viruses rather than the stats. COVID-19 came from bats. Do you notice a pattern? In the 1980s/1990s, the Chinese law around wet markets meant people could slaughter all animals in the market (except the endangered ones). This caused SARS and COVID-19 because of the dense

population of animals meant that it could mutate and spread with ease. Eventually this spreads to humans, but how do they come to be different every time? Well, bats are injected with different variants of the virus (which is believed to be modified versions of a virus every time), which spreads to animals and then to the wet markets. Coronavirus is certainly a threat but not to be afraid,

The novel Coronavirus has had a huge impact on social events. Football matches being closed, whole cities being on lockdown and supermarkets are undergoing high demand for supplies. Why is this happening? It is because of the media. The media has hurt China politically and spread so much fear across the world. Even England is scared of it with only mere 300 infected verses China with 89K. Some videos are factual but not all of the reports are helpful and are only good for spreading fear. Personally I feel, videos by professional people that say “alert not a threat” is what actually makes the world a more calm place. These videos are sadly few and far between the disruptive news reports.

Should China be afraid of it? Yes of course! However as people say, if you worry about it and get the virus you will suffer twice rather than just getting it! People of China are worried, but at least some people can cope with the novel Coronavirus getting to their neighbours. If you are Chinese Citizen you could be afraid but here is how you can keep safe: wear a mask because it makes sure if you have a virus you can’t spread it; wash your hands properly, sing happy birthday twice and rub soap everywhere on your hands and everything and finally, have hand sanitiser at every crucial moment.

So, now you should feel a little safer about the location you are in. However, I would advise you to look into what is happening outside: it is important to see what is happening in the world, don’t just focus on Coronavirus but on the world as a whole. I urge you not to be afraid; I have interviewed David Lamb living in Chengdu, the country at the heart of the virus. Whilst it is impacting on his social life, he knows the virus is partly under control. He is keeping a level head- so can you!

Interview Are you scared of the virus and why? ‘When I was travelling back to China I was worried about catching the virus. Hubei was in a serious situation and the virus was beginning to spread to other provinces. It’s not something you can see, but you can see the impact. It’s the impact that scares you – businesses closed, people in Hazchem suits and warning signs everywhere. Living with two other people, you become more concerned that if you

catch it you could spread it.’ ‘ Do you think the virus is threatening? ‘It threatens my way of life! Bars are closed, cinemas too. All public gatherings are banned. I can’t have anyone to visit my apartment. So, if you need a tradesman- maybe to fix your internet, they are banned from entering your apartment. The security at the gates issue passes and quarantine cards. Nobody from outside the building is allowed in. The lifts are covered in plastic. In fact, a taxi I took the other night was covered in plastic. It’s illegal to be outside without a mask.’

Thank you very much David Lamb it is much appreciated for you time, I hope you will not catch the virus and hopefully your life will return to normal.

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