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Is social media that bad or r u just overreacting? :P

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We’ve heard it all before: ‘back in my day we didn’t have these phones and tablets’, ‘you children spend too much time on this social media’ and long rants about how phones are absolutely ruining society is often heard by teenagers multiple times throughout their week. Everywhere you turn technology is developing, new phones are being release to eager consumers and people continue to spread the negatives of social media without ever looking at the positives.  

For many people, phones are a great tool to arrange meetings with friends -a quick message on snapchat and within five minutes I can be getting ready to hang out with friends, whether that is just going round to one of their houses and crying about how stressful a levels are, or going out to spend what very little money we have on food. Oh the glamorous life of a sixth form student! It’s also much safer. Instead of just wondering around to a friend’s house to see if they are free, children can make sure their friends will definitely be there, as well as make sure guardians know where there are. In 2018/19 there were approximately 1.2 thousand child abduction offenses. If used correctly, phones can be utilised to try and reduce the amount of child abduction cases.

Yes for you, an adult with a car and a licence, or a job giving you income and a local bus stop, it’s not difficult to travel and meet up with friends and family. But have you taken a second to step out of your bubble to realise not everyone is in the same lucky position as you?  Ellie Penn, 17 and learning to drive, has lived in a house surrounded by fields and absolutely NO WAY to travel anywhere when her parents are working for the past two years. The only thing keeping her company being a lonely pheasant wandering outside her house and her phone.

“Social media allows me to stay in touch and keep up with friends. Living in the middle of nowhere, it can be difficult to maintain a social life, however social media makes this much easier.’ She says,  ‘Also social media keeps me up to date with current trends and what’s going on around the world.’      

Most things have a negative, so it’s obvious social media will have some downfalls. Whilst cyber bullying, anonymous hate and many disgusting offenses can occur online it’s important to not create an image of this technology which makes it out to only be evil. Whilst these problems need to be tackled, shaming children and teenagers from using their phone, an incredibly useful tool to communicate and learn, is not the solution. Before you ridicule younger people for using social media remember: at least we know how to use it.            

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