Year 8 Students’ Cycling Achievements


For the last 5 years, Year 8 student Lily Knight has been an active member of RCC Trailblazers at Scarborough riding her mountain bike. She has recently moved to the new under 16s club at Driffield, Velocoaching 360.

On Friday 29th March, Lily took part in her first night ride, covering 14.5 miles over the Wolds and crossing Cottam airfield before heading back to Driffield

On Sunday 31st March she went up to the Yorkshire cycle hub and covered a total of 24.4 miles with a total elevation of 2890 feet!

Head of Year 8, Mrs Richardson, said “It is fantastic to see our students getting involved in such a range of activities outside of school and this is definitely an accomplishment for a 13 year old to achieve. I would like to wish Lily luck for all her future cycling endeavours”.