Press Release - GCSE Results 2019

Students at Driffield School are celebrating following the release of this year’s GCSE results. Our Basics measure has improved for the fourth year running with 66% of students achieving at least a standard pass in both English and maths, a further 4% increase on last year, and 43% of our students achieving a strong pass or above in both maths and English (an 8% increase on last year’s results).

A record number of students have achieved the highest grades. The number of students achieving grades 7 and above has doubled over the last two years. We are delighted that over 50 grade 9s were awarded to students at Driffield School, which puts these students in the top 3% of the country. Students studying maths and triple science achieved excellent results with the number of grade 9s in these subjects significantly above the national average; one third of grades in these subjects were grade 7 and above. Students at Driffield School achieved, on average, half a grade higher in maths than their peers nationally.

The school are really proud of our students’ efforts and achievements and this year sees another wonderful set of results for students who can now move successfully into their Post-16 studies.

Executive Principal, Scott Ratheram, stated, “I am delighted for our hard-working students. They deserve their success and I wish them all the best for the future: we look forward to many of them joining us on the next step of their journey in our sixth form. I am equally grateful to our parents and staff, who have supported our students so effectively to enable them to achieve their very best. These results show sustained improvement upon last year’s outcomes and we are confident that this upward trend will continue in future years.”