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Thursday, 17 August 2017 15:12

Sixth Form Results

Driffield School and Sixth Form – Press Release

The hard work of students and staff has resulted in very positive outcomes for sixth formers at Driffield School.

Diane Pickering, Head of School said “these are a really pleasing set of results.  Our students have taken the new courses in their stride and the results show that Driffield Sixth Form is a great choice for students who want to work hard and achieve success”

Maths results are outstanding with 42% of students gaining grades A*-A. Over two thirds of Driffield students gained A*-B in maths, with many of these students moving on to study maths and sciences at the highest level at the prestigious Russell Group universities. Improvements in the sciences are also evident with 90% of chemistry students gaining a grade C or higher. The diversity of the excellent provision at Driffield Sixth Form is highlighted with superb results across a range of creative subjects also. With the art and design qualifications gaining 100% A*-B grades and drama continuing to excel with over 60% of students gaining grades A*- B and over 90% gaining a grade C or higher, our commitment to the arts remains high. With 9 out of 10 students on average gaining a grade C or higher in subjects such as sociology and film studies the social sciences also performed well.

Individually many students excelled and will now go on to successful futures. Callum Parkinson will study biomedical sciences at Durham University, following his A* in maths and A in biology. Isabel Beesley gained stunning results with two A*s in maths and further maths and a B in geography and aims to study maths and economics at Bristol University. Charis Palmer-Howe is looking forward to studying maths and chemistry after achieving spectacular grades of A*AA in maths, chemistry and physics. Rebecca Tulloch also excelled in maths and science with grades A*AB in maths, further maths and physics and will gain a place on the prestigious physics course at Glasgow University. In the arts an outstanding A*A B and a Distinction in Film Studies, English language, psychology and media  sees Missy Sutcliffe pursue an exciting new media course in Oxford. Katie Pollard has displayed great talent in achieving fantastic results across a diverse range of subjects, gaining A*AB in biology, English language and geography and will now continue her studies at Leeds University. With grades of AAB in drama, English literature, RE Felicity Wood is destined for a bright future at University studying English literature and theatre. Alistair Jacques is looking forward to taking up his exciting apprenticeship opportunity at Rolls Royce after gaining A*AB in maths, further maths and physics.

Darren Andrews, Assistant Head and Head of Sixth Form said “Many other students also gained excellent outcomes; performing above target to exceed expectations; securing places on long sought after courses and gaining elusive A* grades. I am proud of the achievements of all of our students and thank them for all their hard work over the last seven years and the many contributions that they have made to the School and Sixth Form. Staff have worked hard to support and challenge them in their studies and brings me great pleasure to see them succeed. I wish them well for the future and always remain willing to support in any way I can.”