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Jonny Bairstow smashes records with a stunning century to steer the England Cricket Team to a 3-2 ODI series victory over the “kiwis”

Yorkshireman Jonny Bairstow, who used to play for Driffield Town Cricket Club, smashed 104 runs off only 60 balls which is the third quickest 100 by an Englishman in an ODI only behind Jos Butler and Moeen Ali although it is the quickest by an English opener.

England demolished New Zealand comfortably in the final instalment of the One Day International series. They won by 7 wickets in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Adil Rashid, another Yorkshireman, and Chris Woakes performed extremely well to restrict the hosts’ total to below-par 223 all out. Chris Woakes was again outstanding with a ball. His efforts secured hi the man of the series. New Zealand’s Mitchell Santner (67) and Henry Nicolls (55) were the only two who offered any kind of resistence.

In reply, Alex Hales (61) and Jonny Bairstow opened the innings with a 155 first wicket stand to start what would be a dominant display of English talent. Jonny hit a century before getting out in an unfortunate way: he hit his wickets.  Ben Stokes hit a glorious six in the country of his birth to tie the knot. Joe Root gleefully ran to Ben from the non-striker’s end after watching the ball sail over the rope.

Jonny Bairstow’s innings was ruthless and clinical. He waited so long for the opportunity to be selected in the side after being given the difficult job opening in last year’s Champion’s Trophy semi-final against Pakistan in Cardiff. Since then, Bairstow has averaged 63.41 in 15 innings with this one being arguably the best and certainly the quickest with him racing to triple figures in just 58 balls.

'I'm really happy,' said man of the match Bairstow afterwards. 'After being in and out of the side and getting the odd game here and there to then contribute in a role I hadn't necessarily done too much of before is really satisfying.

'It wasn't a case of saying 'we're going to try and chase this down in x overs' because if you do that you get yourself into trouble,' said Bairstow.

'If you're playing good shots, piercing the field and you're running hard then you naturally gain momentum. By playing good cricket shots and going through the gears you set yourself up to explode. 

'We've seen it with other guys in the team and today it was my turn to go on and I'm delighted to score a hundred off 50 odd balls.'

Bairstow was joined by an unexpected opener in the top of the order in Alex Hales by a late call up after Jason Roy suffered a back spasm. This shows that England have an excellent pool of players to pick and choose from if needed. England have showed the critics that they can perform in ODIs.

Chelsea Stadium set to Build a new £1 billion Stadium.


Chelsea can start work on a new £1billion stadium at Stamford Bridge after settling a dispute with a neighbour who objected to the construction.

The Crosthwaite family took out an injunction in May 2017, saying the expansion to 60,000 seats would block light into their home. The London based club had reached an agreement with the family allowing them to do this.

Chelsea expect to be playing at Stamford Bridge until the end of the 2019-20 season and will be forced to play at an alternative venue - likely to be Wembley Stadium - for up to four years during construction.

When the stadium is complete, it will be Europe’s most expensive stadium.

Why Have We Had So Many Storms Recently?

In the past month, the UK & Ireland have experienced three MAJOR storms: Storm Emma, Beast From The East, Pest From The West. Beast From The East Was The First Major Storm Of The Three (And is returning over the weekend) and the Beast From The East contained cold air, snow & ice from Siberia, Russia going through Scandinavia (Norway, Finland and Sweden) and then hit the East Coast of the UK. Then it moved southwards towards London – because of Beast From The East, 100+ schools closed in the East Yorkshire on Thursday 1st March (as well as Lincolnshire)

The second storm of the three was Storm Emma and came in from the south in France. This hit mostly the south and the North of England recovered from Beast From The East. Storm Emma contained cold winds, heavy winds (up to 50MPH) and a lot of rain & snow & ice, South of England had been left with hardly and water supplies and many homes were without power.

The third and final storm of the three was Pest From The West. This major and heavy storm came from the West (near the US) and this storm contained warm air but heavy rain, also very strong winds.

But the main question is – Why did we have all these storms? Here is the answer: no one really knows but the rain in the clouds has turned to snow and ice and somehow two storms collided together to batter Britain – these storms have definitely Battered Britain.

How Has The UK Been Affected?

Well, the South of England has been left with no power across many homes, water supplies at the minimum ever and people can’t get to work easily due to the ice and blocked roads. The motorways of England were jam packed across the country, people had been waiting at the most 24 hours for it to be cleared.

The North of England was left with again many homes without powers and inches of snow covered across North of England – and South of England. Also there was lots of black, thick ice across the roads which are deadly for drivers.

In England, because of the recent storms many people were killed in major accidents.

And the airports had disruptions too. Many flights were cancelled or delayed due to the thick snow at the airports and ice on the runway which ground men could not clear in time for the aeroplanes.

Homes were underwater from flooding issues after the snow had melted which causes severe disruptions to homes.

BBC News Report – Markos Fakiolas

Couple Driven To Divorce By 8 Year-Old Son’s Fit Of Kicking & Biting!!

A couple have been driven to a divorce due to their 8 year-old son’s fit of kicking, punching, slapping, biting to their parents. Adrian, 46, and wife Emma, 37, who live on Barry Island, South Wales, parents to Sorel, 11, and eight-year-old Loan, told how his outbursts often turned bedtime into a six hour-long ordeal.

Loan (8 year old son) has an aggressive temper and his very violent towards his parents. Loan hurts his parents until they have bruises and teeth marks all over them. When Laverne arrived at the family home in the programme, which sets out to help parents struggling to manage their difficult children, she watched as Ioan had a meltdown when he was asked to turn the volume down on the TV.

He immediately launched an attack when his mother tried to calm him down, biting her on the shoulder which left her in tears.

After discovering what to do to solve his problems. Adrian & Emma did outdoor activities with Loan instead of allowing him to play on his computer for hours on end. The tempered youngster started to learn how to ride a bike and learnt how to swim.

The temper of this youngster has appeared to calm down.

They are now living in a peaceful house with their calmer son Loan and he doesn’t have any outbursts – if not just a few. The couple are happier and can’t believe how bad their son was before and now he is as calm as the ocean. The couple will definitely benefit from the support of the physiatrist and what the physiatrist did for the family.

The son (Loan) even behaved for their parents to have a date and reconnect together and have a nice time out to eat.

BBC News Report – Markos Fakiolas

Plastic particles found in bottled water

Tests on major brands bottled water have found that most of them contain tiny particulars of plastic.

250 bottles of water bought in from nine different countries were examined in the largest investigation of its kind. A journalist organisation Orb Media discovered an average of 10 plastic particles per litre, each larger than the width of a human hair. The tests took place at the State University of New York in Fredonia.

A professor of chemistry, Sherri Mason, at the university conducted the analysis and told the BBC “We found plastic in bottle after bottle and brand after brand.”

Currently there is no evidence that ingesting very small pieces plastic (microplastics) can cause harm.

In January, the prime minister said she wanted to eliminate all avoidable plastics within 25 years. According to the campaign group, Refuse The Straw, plastic straws take over 200 years to break down. Some shops have now stopped selling plastic straws and are now only selling paper ones.

Thursday, 15 March 2018 11:54



After the success of the past Tour de Yorkshires the organisers have decided to increase the amount of stages to 4 instead of 3 due to the popularity of the event. As many know, Yorkshire is said to be a paradise for cyclists who want a gruelling or easy ride therefore it is ideal for pro athletes to push themselves to their limits.


When the Tour de Yorkshire arrived to the county in 2015 the amount of cyclists on our roads increased. Being cycling mad since the age of 3 this event was perfect for me and many others but some people were not so sure about the idea of flashy carbon bikes and loud Yorkshiremen ringing cowbells at the side of the road.


Some big tour teams have attended like Team Sky, direct energie and lotto jumbo and some big names like Caleb Ewan, Thomas Voeckler and many more.



Some of the climbs in Yorkshire have the same gradients as some you are likely to find in the Alps. The main asset that makes this race more gruelling is the unpredictable Yorkshire weather.


Sutton bank, Garrowby, Boltby Bank and Robin hoods bay( some of which I have climbed) are very punishing. But some of the scenery you get to see whilst dancing on the pedals is stunning. The start and finishes are often very scenic settings as well. The sponsors are those that sponsor the Tour de France like Mavic, Dimension Data and Le Coq Sportif. Yorkshire is the perfect metropolis for a bike race.

Teachers Think Brexit Could Be Disastrous For The UK

After asking numerous teachers around school, we have found that many teachers think Brexit could bring harsh consequences for the country. We asked 5 teachers from different parts of the school and they said that business will suffer in the UK, that hate crime will and has already increased, that the NHS will suffer, that it will be harder for young people to travel and live where they want in future – especially in Europe and, that our economy will be worse off. It seemed that most of the teachers we asked were worried about the future and the young people. They seemed to be concerned about how things will be after Brexit – short term and long term.

We also asked some teachers about the current world politics and they said that there is a world crisis for the safety of people around the globe. They said that the tensions between America and North Korea are worrying and dangerous however, they said that the tensions between the UK and Russia are nothing to worry about but will break the relationships between the UK and Russia for a while.

We did ask the mayor of Driffield a few questions about the local area, however he didn’t respond.

By Oliver Smith

Solar storm lights up England

A storm which could destroy all life as we know it was created by our sun this storm happened Tuesday the 13 March.

This week a lucky few may catch a glimpse of the northern lights, the counties that will get the best sight of them is the following; parts of Scotland , Northern England and North of America.

Chemicals from the sun can interfere with modern machinery, I wouldn’t recommend going on a plane this week since the chemicals go into the Earth’s orbit interfering with the planes.

Stephen Hawking: A Thought

The Opinions expressed in this article are that of the individual and not of the press as a whole.

Stephen Hawking was one of my heroes. Not just for his science but for his will power to keep on going. This showed me how to keep going no matter the odds. Hawking, born 1942, was diagnosed with a rare disease: ALS. ALS is a form of motor neuron disease; this decays the muscles until the subject is unable to move. The paralysis spread everywhere but his cheek and eyes. The work of Stephen Hawking became an unlikely success, with “A Brief History of Time” becoming a best seller for over 4 years. His work made him quite the celebrity in the world and Black holes became a household topic. New York Times labelled the book “The Best book never read”

Hawking also featured in multiple American shows and gave his voice to multiple recordings, “The Big Bang Theory” twitter account spoke out about their sadness over the passing of the great mind. This only helped boost his popularity. He was quite a humorous person and received bruises from his erratic wheelchair driving. This led to many cases of abuse investigations all to be debunked.

Hawking had received hundreds of science awards; the amount of awards he received earned him a ranking amongst the greatest scientists in the world. Hawking in my mind will always be the greatest mind of our generation.

-Elden Tennison

Thursday, 15 March 2018 11:43

Mass Florida Shooting! by Markos Fakiolas

Mass Florida Shooting!

Nikolas Cruz, aged 19, has admitted carrying out an attack on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Police in the United States of America have said that Nikolas has killed 17 people in the school – including teaches. The shooting at the school has been the deadliest one since 2012 (6 years ago).

According to court documents, Nikolas Cruz entered the campus and began shooting students & teachers before dropping his weapon to run and hide.

Teachers defended students and protected them meaning them risking lives. One student saw their teacher be shot in front of them.

Nikolas Cruz is still awaiting his sentence.

BBC News Report – Markos Fakiolas

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