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NHS Problems – National Hell Service! by Markos Fakiolas

NHS Problems – National Hell Service!

Recently in NHS (National Health Service) there have been some problems over the nation recently. The NHS has not been functioning at its full capacity. People have been waiting hours at its services across the United Kingdom (The UK). One story is that: a 5 year old girl called Ellie-May died of an asthma attack after being turned away from her GP because she was 5-10 minutes late for her appointment. What has happened to the NHS?

The National Health Service has been facing many problems in 2017/2018. The problems being faced are the biggest ever in existence. One of the problems NHS has faced this year is that the population is growing wider and wider in the UK which means that they can’t see 65 million people all at once which concludes to waiting times extended

The secretary – Jeremy Hunt – has conceded the NHS in England is facing “completely unacceptable” problems. He said there is ‘No excuse’ for some of the difficulties highlighted.

An elderly woman named Iris needs 24 hour care and has struggled to find a place in a home that can cater for her needs. He said there were no excuses for the stories that have emerged this week, including the case of Iris Sibley.

Some of the problems were the winter flu hitting the UK and it happened in France with their health care. The NHS has been tackling these problems as much as they can but they don’t know what lies ahead in their path.

BBC News Report – Markos Fakiolas

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