Thursday, 15 March 2018 15:01

AGE RESTRICTIONS FOR VOTING by Riley Somerville and Elden Tennison

We interviewed two Driffield School sixth form students on their political beliefs



"I don’t believe in the age restrictions, I think that at the age of 16 you can make a decision for yourself on who will run the country

I would vote for labour because they have the best plan for the future and they are the best for students, for old people, for everybody. At my age I think I am responsible to vote because I am 17. If people my age could vote, I would encourage everyone to vote since I believe everyone has the right to vote"


"No I don’t feel 16 year olds should be allowed to vote, I feel that 16 year olds do not know the world fully and have no real responsibilities. I feel that 18 year olds should be the restriction because since they are going off to university they are treated more like an adult. I would vote conservatives because I did some research over the summer and I respect what they’re doing and I feel that with labour, I don’t understand how they’d carry out some of their promises, such as free university."


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