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Student interviews by Chantelle Morrell

Student interviews

How do you feel about the new uniform next year?

We have some controversial opinions on it, one person claimed “that it was ugly and that they like the one they already have” but another student said “that it’s ok” does this mean that they like it and dislike it and it at the same time?

What issues do you face in your local community?

People’s answers were actually very alike. One person said that they did not like seeing people bullying others; another said “I don’t like how judgemental people are of us”. Do we have a bad image of what’s socially acceptable and what’s not?

Do you feel safe in school?

One everyone that we interviewed said that they feel “safe”-  I guess that they feel safe on the school grounds, but what about the people who don’t feel safe?

Do you feel safe on the bus? If so do you feel safe on there?

Everyone that we interviewed went on a bus and they all said that they feel safe.

How do you feel about homework?

Only two of our interview people said that it was easy, now what does this say about our education system? The third interview person said that they don’t like it “school work is meant for school it’s in the name”

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