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Young People in Politics With Sir Greg Knight by Riley Somerville

Young People in Politics With Sir Greg Knight

A study by the University of Essex found that 42.4% of young people aged 16-24 had little to no interest in politics so I interviewed the Member of Parliament for East Yorkshire Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight for his input about the subject of young people in politics

  1. What steps would you advise young people to take before going into politics?

 The advice I would give is complete your education first and get a job or career lined up before you consider entering politics. In a democracy, a job in politics is only guaranteed to last from one election to the next.

2. Were you inspired to get into politics at a young age? If so what inspired you to do so?

I became interested in politics at the age of 13. I was later inspired to pursue politics as a career by a speech I heard from Lord Hailsham. When I was elected for the first time I had already qualified as a solicitor and was running my own law practice.

3. How would you help more students see politics as a future option for them?

Politics is not for everyone and students first of all need to decide what they like to do and where their strengths lie. If someone does not like speaking in public and does not fancy a career where you spend a lot of time helping others, then politics is not for them. My training as a solicitor has helped me to be a better politician. Whenever I am asked by a school, I always agree to speak to students about the work of a Member of Parliament so they can decide whether it is a career they wish to aspire to.

4. What advice would you give to the politicians of tomorrow?

Be patient. Arguing for what you believe in does not always bring quick results. If you believe in something you must be prepared to fight for it.

Riley Somerville

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