Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Welcome to our section on Pupil Premium. Here you will find a whole range of information about Free School Meals, from who is eligible and how to apply, to the additional help and support which is available for students at Driffield School & Sixth Form.

Did you know Driffield School receives extra funding for all students who are registered for Free School Meals?

If your child is entitled to receive a free school meal, but is not registered then your family is missing out and so is the school.  There are currently 1,400 children across the East Riding who are entitled to have free school meals, but who are not registered.  If all these children registered for free school meals, even if they chose not to have the meal, then schools in the East Riding, including Driffield School, would receive £1000s in extra funding from the Government.  School budgets are under a lot of pressure, so making sure as many students as possible register for free school meals will help us get vital extra money to support teaching and learning in school.

Is your child entitled to Free School Meals?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has made registering for this benefit much easier – the Benefits Team can process your claim by telephone as long as you tell them your name, date of birth, National Insurance number and the name and date of birth of each child attending school and which school your child(ren) attend.  All you need to do is telephone 01482 394799.  You will be told over the phone immediately if your child(ren) are eligible for the benefit.

If you are already getting any of the following benefits, your child(ren) are automatically eligible for Free School Meals. All you need to do is telephone and ask the benefits team to update the records:

• Job Seekers Allowance (Income Based)
• Income Support
• Child Tax Credit (but NOT receiving Working Tax Credit) – provided your annual income does not exceed £16,190
• Employment Support Allowance (Income Related)
• Guarantee Element of State Pension Credit
• Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999

Free School Meals Breakfast & Lunch Provision

Due to extra Government funding we are now able to offer all students currently receiving free school meals the opportunity to have breakfast in the West Canteen between 8am and 8.40am.

Every free school meal student’s account will be credited with £1.22 via the cashless system each morning by 8am.  This credit will be available to spend on breakfast provision until 8.40am, at which point all students should be in registration and any unspent balances will be removed from the cards. (Please note that any breakfast monies left unspent by 8.45am cannot be carried forward to be spent later in the day).

This extra funding means that students can now enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast to kick start their day.  Students wishing to have breakfast should go to the West Canteen and present their card.  They will be given a choice of two breakfast options each day; for example beans/egg or cheese on toast, cereal and milk.  The breakfast allowance will cover the cost of food only, but not drinks; these will be available at an additional cost.

If you require any further information about the new breakfast provision please contact Mrs Loft (Finance Manager) on 01377 253631.

School Lunches

The school offers a good selection of healthy and nutritious foods during break and lunchtimes in each of its three canteens.  Examples of the type of food available include:

• Sandwiches - priced from £1.30 up to £2.55
• Baguettes – half start at 80p, full start at £2.00
• Paninis – half start at £1.32, full start at £2.08
• Drinks range from 33p up to £1.03 and there are drinking fountains in each of the main buildings
• A main meal consisting of meat, vegetables and potato can be purchased from £2.25 upwards
• Vegetarian meals start at £1.17
• Pasta meals start at £1.15

A full cooked meal, including a dessert and drink, will cost just over £3.50.  Students are able to purchase half portions.

Students who are eligible for free school meals will have £2.40 credited to their card every day during late morning in time for break and then lunch.  Any balance which is left at the end of the day is cleared off the card and cannot be carried forward to be spent on another day.

Students who wish to purchase extra food have the option to bring in cash and top up their card using the revaluer machines in each of the buildings.

Special dietary requirements can be catered for in school.  Please contact the school’s Catering Manager, Mrs Proudlock (ext 286), to discuss what menu choices are on offer.

Free School Meals - The Figures

  • 1.2 million - the number of children in this country registered as eligible for free school meals
  • 20% - the approximate percentage of children entitled to a free school meal but not registered to have one
  • 210,000 - the number of children registered for a free school meal that do not eat them
  • £350 - the amount of money that a parent could save per child through claiming their free school meal
  • 30.9% - the percentage of free school meal pupils that achieve A*-C grades at GCSE compared to 58.5% non free school meal pupils
  • 6% - the percentage of free school meal pupils that go on to 6th form compared to 40% of non-free school meal pupils

Support for Students who receive Free School Meals

The school has a range of support and assistance available to families who receive free school meals to help ensure that students are not disadvantaged and have the same or similar opportunities to non-free school meals students.

Help with the cost of school trips

Every year students at Driffield School & Sixth Form are offered the opportunity to go on educational trips both in the local area, further afield in the UK and abroad.  The House teams also run “reward” trips to places such as Laser Quest and the bowling alley.  In addition, all Y7 students have the chance to spend a few days at the school’s outdoor centre, Spiers Bank House, in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

As with most school trips, there is usually a cost involved and we are aware that some low income families struggle to find the money to enable their child to join in. We have therefore created a special fund to support free school meals students to go on school trips.  In most cases trips that cost £15 or less will be paid for entirely.  Y7 FSM students will also have the opportunity to go to Spiers Bank House free of charge with parents/carers paying only for their food while they are away.

The school may contribute 30% towards the cost of more expensive trips and parents/carers can also apply for a “hardship” payment which would cover up to a further 20%.

Help with the cost of school equipment and resources

There may be extra support available in school to help students who receive free school meals to purchase essential school equipment or to pay towards the cost of items such as ingredients for food technology lessons.

Help with school transport

Getting your child to school on time and safely can be a challenge. Depending on where you live, your income and your child’s age, your child may qualify for free home to school transport.

Children who are eligible for free school meals or whose parents receive the maximum Working Tax Credit are entitled to free school transport if they go to:

  • a suitable school between 2 and 6 miles away from their home address, as long as there aren't 3 or more suitable schools nearer to home
  • the nearest school chosen on the grounds of religion or belief, and the school is between 2 and 15 miles away from their home address

To find out if your child qualifies for free school transport contact the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Passenger Services Unit on 01482 395544.

FSM students who travel to school on the Bridlington 121b service may be able to access help with the purchase of a bus pass. If your child is eligible for free school meals (even if they don’t actually have the meals) please contact Mrs E Collinson, Community Engagement Manager, on 01377 253631 ext 415 to find out about the support available.

Pupil Premium Policy Statement

Pupil Premium 2015-2016 The Pupil Premium is grant funding and is in addition to the School’s Delegated Budget. It is allocated to children from low-income families (who are registered for free school meals or have been within the last 6 years, E6), children who are Looked After (LAC) and Children who are adopted. Pupil Premium Funding is used to raise attainment, promote social skills, independent learning and positive behaviour in order to increase pupil progress. The Service Premium also allows access to additional resources for children from Service families, recognising a need to address the emotional and social well-being of these pupils. If you think you may be eligible to receive Pupil Premium support, please contact Mrs Dalton, Assistant Headteacher or your child's House Team.

At Driffield School:

  • We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all of the pupils
  • We ensure that appropriate provision is made for pupils who belong to vulnerable groups. This includes ensuring that the needs of socially disadvantaged pupils are adequately assessed and addressed
  •  In making provision for socially disadvantaged pupils, we recognise that not all pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium will be socially disadvantaged
  • Pupil premium funding will be allocated following a needs analysis which will identify priority classes, groups or individuals. It is anticipated that not all children eligible will be in receipt of  pupil premium interventions at one time.

Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium

Driffield School & Sixth Form recieves funding of £24,500 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium.

Year 7 Catch Up Funding is allocated to provide additional support for students entering Year 7 below level 4 in literacy or numeracy. Identified students follow a slightly amended curriculum offer providing access to additional specialist literacy and numeracy teaching. This has proved very successful in improving the student's key skills and confidence and enabling them to make better progress.

This funding was spent in the same way during the 2014-15 academic year.

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