Driffield School and Sixth Form Remembers

On Sunday 10th November, Driffield School & Sixth Form staff members Mrs Hogben, Director of Maths, and Mr Rees, Teacher of History, attended the Remembrance service at All Saints’ Church, Driffield. Mrs Hogben said “The service was lovely and our students – both those doing the readings and those who were there with cadets, scouts, St Johns Ambulance and other services - were a real credit to the school. All the students I saw were polite and respectful through the whole ceremony”. Yet again, it was wonderful to see such a cross section of the student body representing various civic organisations in the service. They wore their uniforms and carried their standards with pride and were superb representatives of their organisations, the school and the wider community as they impeccably participated in the service, before observing a poignant two minutes silence outside the church. It is always special to see any community pull together to recognise the key moments in the lives of those we live and work alongside and it is a privilege that the students of Driffield School and Sixth Form get to be a part of this.

On Monday 11th November, staff and students paid their respects on Remembrance Day by pausing in lessons to watch a video that began with the Last Post and concluded with a two minute silence at 11am. Students stood behind their desks as a mark of respect and wore poppies that members of each House Team had been selling after the half term on behalf of The Royal British Legion.