No Phone Friday!

Johnson House students rose to the challenge of a 'No Phone Friday' last week, with over 50 students (and staff) either handing their phone in to Mr Hunt to look after for the day, or leaving their phone at home completely!

Mr Hunt, Head of Johnson House, said “Whilst going without a mobile phone for a day may not seem a significant event to many people, mobile phones play a key part in the way students interact with one another now. We are working hard as a school to encourage the responsible use of social media and technology, enjoying the benefits that such platforms provide, but also ensuring our students understand the impact that too much screen time can have upon their mental health and well-being. Students have been discussing this in form time and also as part of our APEX (Achieving Personal Excellence Curriculum) and are developing a deeper understanding of how to manage their own time using technology. I'm really impressed with the way students have met this challenge and the feedback from them has been very interesting!”

Year 7 student Sean of form 7J2 struggled without his phone by his side at points throughout the day but was pleased he had taken part. He said: “It felt really weird and different, but it made a good difference because I spent more time talking to my friends instead of just looking at my phone”.