Learning Resource Centre Book Fair 2019 and World Book Day

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) has run another successful Book Fair. We are very grateful for the support the students have given again this year. There were lots of lovely books, stationary and posters for students to buy. They did not disappoint and bought £1007.31 worth of goods in the knowledge that the library would receive 60% commission of all sales. This has translated into £604.39 commission which has been spent on new books for the library that students will be able to borrow.

The student library monitors also helped to run the book sale each day, assisted by other students who were keen to help. During the Book Fair students were also given £1 World Book Day book vouchers to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 7 March. Students were able to use the book vouchers to reduce the cost of books from the Book Fair by £1 or they can use them to buy special £1 World Book Day books available in W H Smith and Tesco.

On World Book Day students in Years 7, 8 and 9 read during their registration period and were also read to throughout the day. They listened to a section of a short story by Philippa Pearce – ‘The Shadow Cage’ at the beginning of each of their lessons, the final part being read at the beginning of the last lesson.