Talented Year 11 Student has Amazing Year of Shooting


Talented Year 11 student, Niamh Titchener, has had an amazing year of Shooting. She has again broken several Yorkshire records, but also for the 1st time has also broken several Northern counties records (these cover 5 northern counties not just Yorkshire). Niamh also put in an incredible performance at the week-long National Youth Festival. She was shooting against young people from all over Great Britain - a lot of them older than Niamh. She shot 3 amazing head to head matches against girls that had shot internationally and had comfortable wins. This put her into the final eight. Sadly for her next match she had to shoot the following day and nerves just got the better of her, so she missed out on shooting in the televised finals on the Friday.

Niamh also shot in the Archer GB key events, which is 4 events all over the country - again with all the top archers. Over the 4 events, Niamh finished 15th overall. This is a huge achievement, as this is not age related and many of them were older than her.

Niamh tried her hand at field shooting, which is a very different skill to target archery as you shoot 2 days. The first day is marked (the distances you are shooting at is there) and the second day isn’t. You can shoot at several different distances and different target face sizes. You can also be shooting up or down hill in the trees. Niamh then shot at the Yorkshire championships for the first time and won. She is going to try to focus a little more on this type of shooting this year as she stands a very good chance of being able to shoot internationally in this category.

Mum, Mrs Titchener, said “We are immensely proud of Niamh, as is her coach”. In addition to all of her competing, Niamh is also hoping to do her coaching level 1 course later in the year.