Cross Country Success


On a frozen and foggy morning in Scunthorpe two Driffield School & Sixth Form students produced amazing performances in the schools competition. Conditions were very difficult but cross country is a sport that continues whatever the weather and theses students are made of stern stuff – they finished the run with ice in their hair, eyebrows and eyelashes!!

Faith Brown had qualified as a Year seven student in the under 13 category and despite the age gap she powered through a big field to finish third in the county - an amazing achievement! Jack Lacy was also racing up a year and he was in a powerful field with some physically tough opponents, but was pleased to finish in 33rd place after a promising performance. Mr Duke , Head of PE, said “Cross country is never easy and demands hours of dedicated training, so well done to both athletes and here’s looking forward to next year where they can run again and hopefully achieve success. I’m hoping these good news stories can increase the numbers participating and develop the cross country team at school too.”