Criminology Students Fundraise for Dove House Hospice

As previously reported, Sixth Form Criminology students have been undertaking the final tasks in the end of unit one in the lead up to Christmas. As a class they decided that although the third outcome was to plan campaigns in relation to crime, as Christmas was coming up they decided it would be more effective to plan a campaign for their chosen charities.

A group of students made contact with the Dove House Hospice in Hull and agreed to raffle one of their Christmas raffles to staff across the school. The students took the hamper round to staffrooms and offices, where staff donated £1 to guess the lucky square that would win the hamper.

On Friday 21st December, the students did the draw, with Miss Dean in the ACE reception being the lucky winner. Mrs Shakesby, Criminology Teacher, said “I am so proud of what all of the Criminology students have achieved with their fundraising efforts, ending with this final total of £103.00 raised for Dove House Hospice – the class should be very proud of themselves”.