Criminology Charity Campaign

In criminology we are coming to the end of unit 1: changing awareness of crime; the outcomes of this were to understand how crime reporting affects the public perception of criminality, understand how campaigns are used to elicit change and plan campaigns for change relating to crime. As a class we have decided that although the third outcome is to plan campaigns in relation to crime, as Christmas is coming up it would be more effective to plan a campaign for our chosen charities.

Our group of four have chosen Macmillan cancer as our charity we’d like to help as our criminology campaign as we believe this charity helps many people affected by cancer, suffering from it personally or caring about someone who does. The support that is offered by Macmillan cancer nurses focuses on all of the impacts of cancer; they look further than the physical/observable effects, but help with the emotional, financial and social impacts of living with cancer.  Macmillan cancer is personal to us as a member in our group lost their grandad to cancer and he was gratefully helped by Macmillan cancer. Another of our group lost their auntie to cancer and in recent months their grandma has also been diagnosed with the disease. Therefore we are aware of the effects of cancer and believe by trying to raise awareness and money for the charity more people can be helped and be aware of available support; alongside bettering our understanding for us of campaigns and how they help in our criminology work.

In aid of Macmillan cancer our group held a bake sale at the Year 9 progress evening on Wednesday 12th December. We asked for donations for homemade tray bake, cupcakes and brownies, teas coffees and juice; and would like to thank all of the parents, carers, students and staff for their support.

By Abigail Wylie, Criminology Student