Gifted and Talented Year 4 and 5 Science Event


Year 4 and 5 students from Driffield Junior School and Nafferton Primary School attended our Gifted and Talented Science Challenge event. The challenge was an ‘Egg Drop’. The students had to link their ideas of forces and parachutes to work successfully as a team; then they had to build a parachute and pod that would protect an un-boiled egg when dropped from height. First they had to allocate roles within their team, then design their ‘egg’ parachute and then build it together. The teams were fantastic and had several trial runs of their design, continuously moderating their build. They were judged by their effort as a team, their design and moderation, as well as their final ‘live’ egg drop. The final drop was with an un-boiled egg and although we thought it might be messy the pupils did us proud as the majority of the eggs survived the drop! The pictures show the winning teams for each category; who each received an amazon voucher for their efforts.

The staff from the primary schools commented on how lovely it was to see their students working independently and being able to try things, make mistakes and then work as a team to overcome these mistakes. Mrs Backhouse, Director of Science added “We had a fantastic day, as did all the students, and we look forward to seeing and working with them again in the future”.