Year 6 Maths Challenge

On Wednesday 28th November we were delighted that 8 teams of primary school students joined us at Driffield School to take part in a Year 6 maths challenge. The teams were presented with a number of activities including group questions, sequencing problems, a cross-number, a mathematical relay race and numerous logic problems. The year 6 students all agreed that it was an enjoyable day, even when faced with some truly thought-provoking problems that sometimes seemed impossible to work out in the first place. We had some fantastic sixth form students who worked with the groups to help explain tasks and to go over any problems with students once the answers had been released.

Mrs Hogben, Driector of Maths, said “Following a full day of fierce competition we are thrilled to confirm that Beeford Primary won first place, followed closely by Nafferton Primary and Driffield Juniors ‘A’ team. We look forward to hosting this event again next year”.