Second Achieving Personal Excellence Day

Driffield School and Sixth Form held their second APEX day on Wednesday 5th December. The whole school timetable was collapsed and every student took part in a rotation of different activities.  The focus of the day was on educating the student’s on finance, crime and the law and future career opportunities.

The Year 7 students worked with Humberside Police and learnt about anti-drugs awareness and the importance of preventing anti-social behaviour. Year 7 and 8 students took part in a youth voice and influence workshop. 

Year 8 students then learnt about the different career opportunities in the Police and what they need to study and what employability skills are desirable for the Police. They took part in a practical disability awareness session led by the Tigers Trust on Paralympic sports.  They also learnt about mental health and how to improve their mental health with the expertise from the Army Outreach Team.

The Year 8 students who have completed the Volunteen Course worked all day with a professional artist, Emma Garness, and with Ervas to complete part of their amazing Volunteen Social Action Project. Their supersize artwork will be displayed in West Building.

Year 9 students worked all day with Talk the Talk. Every class worked with a specialist trainer to develop their public speaking skills.  Communication is a key employability skill that is essential in the workplace.  The day enhanced their confidence and self-esteem. At the end of the training each student led their own public speaking on their chosen topic.  This activity also connects with the new GCSE English specification.

Students in Year 10 focused on crime and law. They had training on apprenticeships from the RAF, what they are and what opportunities there are in the Armed Forces.  The opportunity to earn and learn is quickly developing especially with the introduction of the new apprenticeship degrees.  Students learnt about the opportunities for Further Education and Higher Education choices at York College.  They learnt about different vocational pathways and the careers associated with these pathways.

Year 11 students learnt about the fabulous opportunity to complete the National Citizen Service. Driffield School and Sixth Form highly recommend students complete the NCS.  It is an amazing opportunity for students to take part in an outdoor adventure course for 5 days, followed by a 5 day skill building course at The University of Hull and then finally a social action project which benefits the local community.  The cost is only £35 and free for pupil premium students.  Year 11 students also learnt how to make an effective CV and cover letter followed by an inspirational talk from Pamela Dow.  Pamela Dow is a previous Driffield School student.  She now leads public service reform for Catch22, a social business delivering better education, welfare and justice services across England and Wales.   This talk helped students to understand their opportunities to study at Oxbridge and how to aim higher with their studies.

Our focus is to ensure all students know about all available career choices and the different educational pathways. The APEX days aim to build confidence and student awareness of future opportunities.

Mrs Mortimer, Co-ordinator of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG), would like to thank the RAF Careers Service, The Army Outreach Team, York College, Humberside Police, The Tigers Trust, ERVAS Volunteen Team, Emma Garness, Talk the Talk and Pamela Dow for taking their time to inspire our students to reach their full potential.