Prison! Me! No-Way!

Prison! Me! No-Way! returned for a Crime and Safety Awareness Day working with Year 9 at Driffield School. The full day event took place on Thursday 15th November 2018.

Prison! Me! No-Way! is run by the No Way Trust Charity and aims to show young people the consequences of committing crimes; the benefits of adopting positive lifestyles and how to stay safe.

Pat Touhy from the Prison me No Way Trust, said: "In the vast majority of cases crime ruins the lives of victims, the person committing the crime and their families. Not to mention the impact upon communities”

Young people face far greater challenges than previous generations and we want to help them stay safe, be able to meet those challenges and not get involved in crime. We also hope to inspire some young people involved here today to join some of the professionals working with them today and consider it as a possible career path.

This year we had workshops based around the theme of making the right choice. The workshops were a range of ‘prison life’, out of control, prison staff and inmates, Humberside Police Scenes of Crime, real life prisoners, life sentences, On the road, Magistrates and anti-social Street Scene.   The day involved lots of role play and interactivity, with real inmates; life size prison cells and a mock up street scene.

We also got a fantastic reception from staff and students at Driffield School. They really engage with the day’s activities year on year and it is always a privilege to return and work here.”

Some comments from the Years 9 students:

‘I have had a really memorial Day….my favorite workshop was the ex-prisoner workshop. I cannot believe some of the stories he told us and I will never forget his messages of not making the wrong choices. It was awesome’

‘I found the workshop with the prisoner really interesting. The prisoners account of what it’s really like in prison has really made me think it is a place I never want to go’ and ‘I found the mock prison cell terrifying. I was amazed how small it was.’

Kelly Wilkinson, Head of Social Studies for Driffield School, said: “I was overwhelmed by how much the students gained from taking part in the ‘Prison! Me! No-Way! day. The staff that run the sessions are brilliant at engaging the students and are so passionate about helping students make the right choices in life. I am sure it will be a day that stays with the students for a long time”.