A Level Music Students Entertain Staff and Students

As part of the A Level Music course, students are being challenged with setting up a venue and then performing to a live audience.

On Friday 14th September, Year 12 students eagerly took this on board and came up with their first assignment by creating ‘The PA Inn’ in the Performing Arts Building – their own pop-up bar. Staff were invited to come for a ten minute performance and were treated to 5 performances.

This included some amazing guitar and piano performances, as well as outstanding vocals. Staff were asked to complete a feedback form throughout the performance; and a class of Year 8 students also came to watch as well.

During the final performance by Jacob Kunz, Jacob engaged the audience, getting everyone clapping and singing along. He then asked for someone to come up and join him sing the second verse, which Katie Heptinstall in Year 8 did. This resulted in a brilliant off the cuff performance from Katie and finished off the ‘show’ with a huge round of applause for all who took part.

Mr Couper, Head of Music, said “I am delighted with the response to this first event and am really proud of the three students in Year 12 who took this challenge and rose to it. I am looking forward to the next event now, where a different themed event will be planned and performed”.