Yorkshire Sculpture Park Visit

On Monday 25th June 2018, Driffield School’s GSE art students visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park as part of our coursework for Year 10. Thankfully, it was a hot day, so after looking around the park’s strange indoor Giuseppe Penone ‘A Tree in the Wood’ exhibit we spent the day outside among the sculptures. Snapping pictures as we walked enjoying the nature and the sun as well as the sculptures, we then settled around Barbara Hepworth’s ‘Family of Man’ sculptures to observe, draw and eat. By noon we were off again – this time to walk along a trail, encountering strange figures like a multi-coloured octopus in the middle of the woods…

Emerging from the woods, we walked in the open field which displayed Dennis Oppenheim’s ‘Tress from Alternative Landscape Components’ intriguing collection of metal trees with everyday appliances branching off them and Zak Ove’s ‘Black and Blue’ – an army of 80 identical statue figures. We then circled back up passing the Zodiac heads and a ‘Sitting’ human like postured rabbit’. After that we re-entered the flowering woods finishing off our visit with observing sculptures such as the ‘Riace Warriors’ and a multi-patterned ‘Great Buddah’.

Concluding a perfect day out with plenty of pictures to from back at school, we headed back through Giuseppe Penone’s exhibit to the bus back home.

By Katie Thompson, Year 10