My First Year at Driffield School & Sixth Form

As we begin the 2018/19 school year and welcome the new Year 7 students into school, three of our Year 7 students from last year told us about their first year at Driffield School & Sixth Form:

Alexandra Graham

Alexandra came from Driffield Junior School and is a member of the Bronte House. She remembers well her first transition day at Driffield School & Sixth Form where she thoroughly enjoyed taking part in all of the art, design and technology activities; with her best memory being that she won the lantern making competition! She was still nervous about her first day ahead, but felt better about it after attending the Induction day which gave her a better idea of what to expect.

After a few days, Alexandra settled in well and is really happy with her new friends. Her favourite subject is definitely Art & Design; and she thoroughly enjoyed looking round the Art, Design and Technology Exhibition back in June. Alexandra also added “I really enjoy Science as well now, as we get to do practical work, which we didn’t do at junior school; and in RE it used to be just listening; and here it’s much more interactive. I really enjoyed the meditating lesson too!” 

Alexandra has really enjoyed taking part in the extra-curricular activities in her first year at Driffield School. She was delighted to get a small speaking part in the school production; as well as performing a duet in the Year 7 Summer Showcase Concert. 

At the end of her first year at Driffield School & Sixth Form, Alexandra was looking forward to her summer holiday to Spain, where she was hoping to practice her Spanish as she has never learnt the language before. She is now excited at getting stuck into Year 8 and all of the challenges that it will bring.

Grace Kennedy

Grace is a member of the Holtby House and comes from Hutton Cranswick primary school. As Hutton Cranswick is a much smaller school, Grace was daunted about moving up to secondary school; however she found the first transition day a big help, adding “I’m still friends with the boys I made friends with on the day”.

Following on from the transition day, Grace quickly made friends in September and soon found that Dance and Drama were her favourite subjects. She is also surprised to be really enjoying English because of the drama aspects in it. Grace said “I’ve enjoyed most subjects, but find Art the most challenging. I’m not very creative, but I can draw and enjoy drawing people”.

Grace said she has loved the variety of teaching staff and particularly likes Mr Couper, who she describes as “funny and really enthusiastic”. She also added “I also really like Mrs Shakesby, as she treats you like an adult and if you get something wrong she explains why and how to do it right”.

When asked about her favourite memory from Year 7, Grace said “There are too many to choose from, but if I have to pick just one it would have to be singing ‘The Greatest Showman’ in Music”.

Samira Rami

Mortimer student Samira Rami joined Driffield School & Sixth Form from Driffield Junior School. Samira recalls “I was a bit nervous about starting, but my cousin was in Year 11 and she helped me out in the first week whilst I was learning the geography of the site. There were also other students from the year above who were our mentors and we could ask them for help too”.

Samira quickly settled in and her favourite subject soon became Dance and Drama. Samira said “I really enjoying acting and dancing; and was really excited to take part in the Blood Brothers performance at Driffield Show with Mr Colley”. She is already planning to audition for the school production in Year 8 and encourages the new Year 7 students to get involved as well. Samira has also surprised herself at how much she is enjoying English. “At junior school, English was doing a page of writing – here there is much more variety, including reading and doing iPad work too” she added.

At the end of Year 7, Samira had enjoyed her first year at Driffield School so much that she was already excited about moving into Year 8. Samira said “There are new APEX lessons (Achieving Personal Excellence) starting in September, and they sound really interesting, so I am looking forward to starting those”.