Year 8 Girls East Riding Rounders Tournament at Longcroft School

Our Year 8 girls team played against six schools in the East Riding Rounders’ Tournament held at Longcroft School.  They showed excellent team work and scored very highly in all games, but just missed out to South Hunsley by one rounder.  They were efficiently organised and motivated by the captains: Sophia Bryan (second post) and Caitlin Weir (bowler).   Kitty Field was superb on fourth base, Mollie Sutton was a brilliant back stop and Ocean Brown-Garcia was an excellent deep fielder, getting the ball to fourth base to get out five players.  Fantastic, high scoring batting was exhibited by Elsa Thompson, Mollie Robinson, Amelia Abel and Neve Jones.  Mrs Mortimer said “I would like to congratulate all the team on their fantastic performance!”.    We wish the team all the best in future.