Upcoming Art, Design and Technology Exhibition

In the run up to our annual Art, Design and Technology Exhibition, we asked Miss Bramley, our Subject Leader for Art and Design, about her time teaching at Driffield School and 6th Form.  Miss Bramley has worked at the school for 14 years. 


Why you wanted to be a teacher and why at Driffield School and 6th Form? 

I did my degree in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking at Bretton Hall College, University of Leeds, which shared the site at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  The campus is no longer there; however, I take my GCSE students there every year to visit the Sculpture Park. It was at Bretton Hall that my love of landscape painting began and to this day I am still inspired by many types of landscape.  I have a studio at home in my garden where I paint.  I also like to travel and visit new places where I always take my sketchbook.  I paint "en plein air", and then revisit work back at home in the studio.  I have exhibited my artwork many times in York.

I wanted to be an Art Teacher because I wanted to share the passion that I have for this subject with young people, teach them the skills, but also to unlock the potential within them to use art to express their ideas and thoughts on things which mean something to them. Art is incredibly important within the curriculum. Just by looking around you, you can see all the things which have been designed, created and produced by artists and designers who will have studied art at school and gone on to master their skills at College or University.  Not only that, it is a place for creativity, fun, problem solving and considering the world around you. Even if you chose not to study art post Key Stage 3, you learn a lot by experiencing it during your first 3 years at secondary school.


Do you have any really memorable pieces of art which a student has made?  

There have been some amazing pieces of art work produced at Driffield School and Sixth Form, including some incredibly skilful portraits, abstract works and installation works in dark cupboards.   


What is your best memory of Driffield School as a teacher?

So many memories!  I love seeing how students develop over the years, and it is always a joy to see how their work progresses, especially if they continue on into Sixth Form.  Stand out memories would include: painting the mural at Limes Care Home with year 8 students, mural painting completed on expedition to Namibia with sixth form students back in 2006, as well as residentials to Spiers Bank and Cornwall.  Giving students the opportunity to be out of the classroom and spending more time on their artwork is always a great experience and a privilege.  Any lesson where paint is involved is usually fun and memorable for me!


Have any of your students gone on to follow art and design as a career choice?

Many have gone on to study art, including students who have gone into graphic design, architecture, film make up design. Some have gone into teaching art; others have become makers, such as jewellery making.

The Art, Design and Technology Exhibition is a showcase of all of the amazing pieces of work created by Driffield School and Sixth Form students this year. Two of those students are Phoebe Shaw and Hannah Bennett.  Phoebe is the winner of this year's photography award and is going on to study Canine Behaviour. Hannah Bennett is going to study Production Design at the Northern School of Art. These two talented students are a few of the many students who are presenting work at this year’s exhibition.

We would be delighted to see as many students, parents, carers and members of the community join us at the exhibition, which is being held in the ACE building on Thursday 5 July 2018 from 3.30-7.30pm.  We look forward to seeing you there.