Duke of Edinburgh Awards – Gold Award Presentation

date: 2018-06-08

Driffield School & Sixth Form have recently started to run the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, led by Miss Richardson-Yates. We currently have students working towards the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

As the new leader for Duke of Edinburgh, Miss Richardson-Yates was invited to join staff from South Hunsley to attend the Gold award presentation at Buckingham Palace, where some former South Hunsley students received their Gold awards. The participants were presented their awards by various celebrities, and a number of the Royal family were also in attendance. Our group had the pleasure of Prince Andrew's company, although Prince William and Princess Beatrice were also in attendance; and our guest presenter was David Bradley (Mr Filch in Harry Potter / Walder Fray in Game of Thrones).

Miss Richardson-Yates said “It was a fantastic day and I'm incredibly excited for our Year 11 girls who are working towards their Gold Award. I am looking forward to seeing them presented with their Gold Awards in the future”.