Driffield School and Sixth Form 2018 – New School Vision

date: 2018-06-08

Here at Driffield School and Sixth Form we are proud of our students and are excited about the potential that our young people possess. Personally I believe that a Driffield School student is as good as any student nationally and as such deserves to be able to compete with young people across the UK for the best jobs, university placements and opportunities. Our aim as a school is to equip them to do so and to involve all stakeholders in this wonderful community school in enabling these students to achieve their ambitions. We want them to aspire for the best, as we believe that in partnership with our community of parents, staff and friends and family of the school can facilitate them to do so.

We have a long and proud tradition of being an inclusive and supportive school, where students are well equipped for the future and enjoy tremendous experiences. Our wholehearted commitment as a school is to ensure that this ethos comes to the fore, so that we are a school that this community can be proud of.

In doing so, we are looking to redevelop a shared vision for Driffield School and Sixth Form so that we can establish the key principles that we want our ethos and all of our endeavours to be built around, as we become the great school that this community desires. We are aiming to involve as many members of the friends and family of the school community in the important process of developing our vision as it is in this partnership that our school’s strength lies.

Over the coming weeks all parents, students, staff and governors, as well as pupils and staff at our feeder primary schools, will have the opportunity to participate in a short survey to establish the three key qualities and values that they feel students should develop by attending Driffield School and Sixth Form. Our aim is to use the responses gathered to create a vision that resonates with all members of the community as we unite to seek the best possible education and experience for our wonderful students. Our hope is to be able to develop this new vision by the end of the summer term, ready to present to the community at the Driffield Show. It is an exciting and positive time to be involved in the school and I would invite all members of the community to engage in the conversation as we determine the future direction of our school.

For those friends and family interested in the development of the school vision there will be a drop-in event running in the ACE building from 4.30-6.30pm on Thursday 21st June. This will be an opportunity to chat with staff and students from the school and to share ideas in an informal setting.

Darren Andrews

Assistant Headteacher – Head of Sixth Form