MX Master Kids UK Championship

date: 2018-05-18

Year 8 student, George Botterill, recently took part in the MX Master Kids UK Championship in motor cross at Mildenhall. George rider in the 85cc small wheel class, in which there were 120 riders. The riders all had to do qualifying laps to decide which group they would be in. In the 85cc class there were three groups, with 40 riders in each. George qualified 66th out of 120 and rode in group B.

George had a good weekend of racing, however had a big crash in race 5. He was involved in a three bike pile up, but fortunately all three riders walked away with minor injuries. George had an exhaust burn on his wrist and bruising to his legs and arms. Thankfully, body armour and a neck brace saved him from more serious injury.

Due to the crash, George did not receive any points for that race. He was nervous on day three for race 6, but he got back on his bike battered and bruised and rode his heart out – finishing in 14th position. Mrs Botterill, George’s mum, said “George came 23rd place overall in his class of 40 – it was a great weekend of racing”. Well done George!