Cambridge University Sixth Form Residential Visit

date: 2018-05-11

Last month a group of Year 12 Driffield Sixth Form students had the wonderful opportunity to visit Kings College at Cambridge University to gain a valuable insight into what it would be like to study at one of the best Universities in the world. Driffield Sixth Form is part of a unique scheme called HE+ that offers students who have performed highly at GCSE the opportunity to work with and visit Cambridge University. Over the course of the year Cambridge University offers three sessions for the students where they gain valuable input from staff from Cambridge, including a visit to the University itself.

Whilst there the students enjoyed a tour of the stunning Kings College as well as having the chance to speak to current undergraduate students about what life is like as a Cambridge student. In addition the students attended two taught sessions where they received specialist teaching from Cambridge academics. These sessions served to challenge and inspire the students, enabling them to experience first-hand how they would be expected to study if they were to gain a place at Cambridge. The staff at Cambridge also ran sessions for our students on how to complete an application for Cambridge and what to expect if they were to be called to interview.

The students enjoyed gaining this valuable insight into the university, as well as the chance to discover some of the history of the University. Another highlight was sitting down to eat in the great banqueting hall of Kings College, which proved particularly popular with those students who were Harry Potter fans and felt themselves transported to Hogwarts! Mr Andrews, Head of Sixth Form, said “A wonderful group of students returned to Driffield inspired; and we consider ourselves fortunate that our students are part of such a great annual scheme, that supports the students of Driffield Sixth Form to be the very best that they can be”.