Salzburg Music Tour

date: 2018-04-27

Over the Easter Break, 41 music students from Year 8 to Year 12, along with their instruments, and 5 staff led by Head of Music, Mr Couper, travelled by coach 25 hours to their fourth music tour in Salzburg Austria. Over a period of 4 days in Salzburg, the students performed at three locations in the region and centre of Salzburg. The students performed music from a mixture of genre and styles and it was a great success. Sean Shanahan and Josh Slack, two students who took part, wrote:

 "I've been on the tours to Germany in 2015, Italy in 2016 and now Austria in 2018, and yet every time it's completely different. I'm quite glad that we have such an incredible support network of both students and staff alike, and that is truly what this is about.

A special thanks to Mr Couper is in order for these trips because without them I wouldn't be able to achieve what I have done musically. These trips have given me confidence that I never thought possible before and let me conquer my fears of performing in front of people. I wouldn't have been able to perform in front of my parents previous to Italy and Austria let alone over 100 people so thank you for helping us to become the people that I know we can be."

The students visited the birth place of Mozart and the churches where his music was originally performed. The students also went on the Sound of Music Tour around the filming locations of the great musical. Mr Couper said “The three concerts captured the hearts of the Austrian people, and the students responded with such professionalism and enthusiasm. They are a credit to the school and community”.